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VM Academy is part of VM Sport Coach, a company with extensive experience in the comprehensive training of soccer players, as well as in the management, direction and coordination of sporting events.

Our academy at CF Sporting de Mahón



The methodology implemented in the training of players has made Spain the reference country in world football.

Spanish football has been experiencing the best period in its history for a decade, both at national team and club level.

The national team is going through a period of transition after winning two European Championships and a World Cup in a row, thus entering football history since, to date, no team had been able to achieve a milestone of such caliber.

In the club section, Spain also dominates international competitions, both the Champions League and the Europa League with Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Atlético de Madrid and Seville as the main banners of these competitions. Barcelona, ​​with Guardiola at the helm, won four Champions Leagues in seven seasons, while Real Madrid has already won 13 Champions Leagues, the last three consecutively and the last four in the last 5 years, Atlético de Madrid has won three Europa League being only surpassed by a Sevilla that adds five, three of them consecutively in what is undoubtedly the best period in the history of the Seville team.

Spain dominates European competitions and is the country that has won the most continental club tournaments in history, a dominance that has been accentuated in the last decade, where Spanish teams have won more titles than the sum of all the titles won by teams from the rest of Europe.



Few relatively small territories -such as Menorca- keep so much inside. Part of the essence of the island is created by those who live on it, those who shape, save and preserve it. From Talayotic culture to gastronomy, through the safeguarding of tradition and territory.


The proposals for outdoor activities, enjoying nature, are increasingly abundant. The elements are protagonists in this story: sea, land and air that open up to the visitor with infinite possibilities, ranging from an underwater baptism to discover the seabed to a walk along the Camí de Cavalls.


Menorca is culture. It is from its roots, with the imposing Talayotic monuments that populate the territory. It is through the historical fortifications, the architectural styles. And it is also culture due to the proliferation of artists. Perhaps the beauty of the island attracts more beauty.


That Menorca provides its cooks is more than evident. From the magnificent lobster stews caught a few kilometers from the coast, to the succulent meats from the cattle that graze in the green meadows. The local gastronomy knows how to gracefully and innovatively combine an elegant, balanced and increasingly well-known cuisine, without losing an iota of its authenticity thanks to the local product.


From the imposing sandy area of ​​Son Bou to the tiny and wonderful coves like Macarelleta. Any of the beaches of Menorca is a jewel, unique and special, worth discovering. There are more than 200 kilometers of sandbanks distributed between the north and south of the island. And no two are the same. Perhaps, for this reason, they cast a spell with the naked eye.


Take only what is necessary to live. And profess love to everything that the earth provides. That is the perfect balance that Menorcans have achieved - effortlessly, as it is part of their DNA - with the island. Thus, they proudly wear the title of Biosphere Reserve since 1993. And, since very recently, that of the largest Marine Biosphere Reserve in the Mediterranean.


An effective methodology made up of a comprehensive service based on technical-tactical, physical, psychological and nutritional aspects, where performance is increased and enhanced with training adapted to each player.

Upon arrival at our facilities, the player's sporting skills are assessed in order to correctly plan his program at the academy. The assessment is made with a view to fitness for high-performance sports practice.

The different areas focus on the detailed study of the characteristics and analysis of each player to achieve their highest level in competition and to be able to create a specific and individualized program.


The weekly training plan is designed by the technical team and is characterized by being flexible and adaptable to the daily needs of each player. The weekly plan is made up of collective and individualized training; on the soccer field, in the gym, recovery training, prevention and functional rehabilitation.

Technical-tactical, physical and psychological.

We analyze the player's performance in the context of competition according to the skills model and assessment scale developed by the technicians of the UDM International Soccer Academy. This analysis throughout the training process allows us to carry out an evaluation of the skills of each player and monitor their evolution.

The physical aspects are worked on in the gym and in an integrated way on the field, where tasks will be built from the real game.

The training sessions are carried out with maximum concentration and deal with the complexity of the game and the player as a whole, both in the collective sessions and in the more individualized sessions.

Recovery training, prevention and functional rehabilitation.

Injury prevention is a very important section in the weekly plan, training sessions are planned according to the player's fatigue with the aim of avoiding injuries and maintaining freshness that allows optimal performance.



The accommodation is close to the training facilities and covers the needs that help you feel at home.

The rooms have everything necessary for the player to rest and carry out their study activities. In order for the day to be productive, the rest schedules are established and delimited.

The cleaning service is carried out by the assigned staff, however, the players must comply with a series of rules that allow proper maintenance.

The players have a laundry room in which they proceed to wash their clothes.

The implemented rules encourage the player to be responsible, independent and organized, while at the same time helping social interaction that fosters camaraderie.


The programs are designed by the technical team and are characterized by being flexible and individualized. The programs are made up of collective and specific training; on the soccer field, in the gym, recovery training, prevention and functional rehabilitation.




accommodation options

- Basic shared room.

- Comfort Single room.

study options

With the aim of integrating academic training and high sports performance, we offer the player the following approved and certified training options, which help the player to understand and analyze the game from a theoretical point of view while favoring and shortening adaptation deadlines.

- Language school.

At VMSPORTCOACH the opportunities are real

The VM Academy is aimed at people who want to develop their potential and live a unique experience.


All players will be able to take part in the activities of the VM Academy, the case of each player will be studied depending on age, level of play and thus opt to be federated and compete in official matches.

Live a unique experience to grow as a person and athlete. Going abroad means leaving your comfort zone, overcoming the language barrier and meeting people from different countries and cultures, an experience that provides extraordinary cultural and personal enrichment, an experience that helps you socialize, mature, make your own decisions and , in short, to develop a personality that will help you in the future.


An educational experience in which you will get to know other languages and cultures.


A sporting experience that will instill in you healthy habits and the values of sport.


A life experience that will allow you to improve your confidence, responsibility and social skills.


And most importantly… you will learn by doing what makes you happy.

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